Is my registration fee refundable?

By completing the registration form you are confirming you will take take in Artwave 2019. All registration fees are non refundable.

Do I have to Live in the Lewes District to take part?

No - You do not have to live in the Lewes District Council boundaries but your exhibition should be within these boundaries.

Does my Exhibition need to be in the Lewes District to take part?

Yes - Your exhibition should be within the Lewes District Council boundaries. If your venue is outside of this area, please email us and we will put you on a waiting list to take part in this years event. Venues that are outside of the boundaries will be included at our discretion and we give priority to events and exhibitions within the boundaries. We will get back to you once registration has closed on 8 April if we can accommodate your exhibition.

Is there a selection process?

No - we are an inclusive un-curated festival and there is no jury selection. We encourage artists and makers of all ages, at all stages of their career to take part and are proud to have supported work by school and college students, marginalised artists and outreach groups alongside established artists. 

Please note that we only accept exhibitions that have been curated for Artwave i.e. they must be unique exhibitions for the festival and not existing or permanent displays.

when is the deadline to register?

The deadline to register is 8 April 2019. Do register early as following feedback we are limiting the number of venues which can take part this year. 

Can I show the work of more than one artist?

Yes - many invite other artists and makers to show work alongside them in their house/ venue, which can increase visitors as well as share the costs involved in taking part. 

I am an artist who wants to take part in artwave - however, I don't have a venue. How can I find one?

You can only register to take part in Artwave if you have a venue you can display  your work in. You can not register as an artist without a venue. We recommend that you approach businesses / open houses you might have visited in the past to see if you can show with them.

Do I need insurance?

Yes - all venues should take out public liability insurance. If someone has a serious accident in your house, you could be sued for a great deal of money. You may wish to check with your home insurer to see if you are already covered for public liability.  Please take every precaution to exhibit your artwork safely. We cannot recommend specific insurance companies, however excellent information and options can be found through Artists' Newsletter. Artwave does not accept liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained by any member of the public in relation to Artwave Festival.

Where can I hold my exhibition? Can it be at a shop/business?

Yes - however we now only accept exhibitions in businesses that have been curated for Artwave i.e. they must be unique exhibitions for the festival and not existing or permanent displays.

If you do not live in the area or can't show at your home why not approach a business in the Lewes District boundaries?

You can hold an Artwave exhibition anywhere you like: studio, home, shed, barn, garden, conservatory, pub, hall, gallery, caravan, restaurant, cafe, shop etc. A quirky venue often attracts more publicity and visitors! 

How does the Disability and Discrimination Act of 1995 affect my exhibition?

The Disability and Discrimination Act (DDA) came into force in 2004 and requires anyone inviting the public to an event or exhibition to make reasonable adjustments for access. The Artwave brochure and website will list whether your venue has full disabled access or not.

Are there any other costs involved?

Other costs are optional but can include:
● Additional posters, flyers or banners to identify your exhibition/trail
● A private view: including drinks, invitations etc.
● Publicity for your exhibition: including a website, flyers etc.
● Wrapping and sales materials
● Cash box and / or credit card facilities

If more than one artist is showing in an exhibition should costs be shared?

The contact who registers to take part in Artwave is responsible for paying the invoice to Lewes District Council, however how/ if the costs are split, commission charged etc. is not determined by Artwave.

How much work is involved in taking part?

This is optional depending on the amount of days you will be open and the facilities you are providing. Remember to factor in your time for promoting your exhibition, setting up and taking down work and that your venue must be invigilated during opening hours.

Do I need to promote my own exhibition?

The Artwave team promotes the festival as a whole. We therefore strongly recommend that you produce your own publicity, flyers, posters, press releases etc. and circulate these to your mailing lists or contacts. Remember that you are in competition with the other open houses to attract visitors.

Start your publicity well in advance of the festival and remember to check deadlines of individual publications. You will be given information of marketing ideas when you have registered. 

Please remember that when displaying posters and banners outside your venue or elsewhere in the area you may need to obtain permission for a temporary advertisement from the local planning authority under the Town & Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007. Failure to obtain the appropriate permission may result in prosecution. Contact Lewes District Council Planning for more details. 

do I have to use the artwave branding on my promotional items?

We ask that you maintain the Artwave official 2019 branding on all your publicity. After registration has closed you will receive the logo in various formats.

Do I have to open on specific dates and times?

No - it is a purely personal choice. You can open at any point from 17 August - 1 September 2019 for just one day or every day! Feedback from previous years has shown that opening between 11am and 5pm over weekends and on bank holidays provides the optimum visitor and sales numbers. It is useful to communicate with nearby exhibitions so that you can coordinate timings. 

Can I serve refreshments?

Yes - but it is a purely personal choice. From a legal point of view, anything beyond tea and cakes – for example hot food – effectively makes you into a cafe and opens you up to the possibility of health and safety inspections. Many exhibitions allow a local charity to serve refreshments at their venue to raise money for good causes. Please note that you are not allowed to charge for alcohol without the appropriate licenses.

How many visitors will come?

This is an unknown - Artwave is not responsible for the number of visitors to your exhibition, as this is dependant on many factors including your location and other venues open near you. The Artwave team does promote the overall festival, but visitor numbers can be affected by promoting your own venue, social media in particular Instagram has proved an increasingly popular tool - see notes above on 'Do I need to promote my own exhibition'.

Can I raise Money For Charity?

Yes - it is a purely personal choice if you wish to raise money for a charity/charities.  In 2018 many exhibitions raised money for local and national charities

How are the images chosen for the Artwave brochure?

You supply the image/s for inclusion in the brochure. You can either supply this when you complete the registration form or if you do not have the image ready then you can supply at a later date (you will be emailed with all deadlines when registration closes.) Full details of the format for images is included on the registration form.